2010 December and ongoing ----- Store Display ----- Guelph Artisan Store in the Old Quebec Street Shoppes, Guelph
2015 May 29th. - May 31st ----- Painting on the Green ----- Old Quebec Street Shoppes, Guelph
2015 - March 27th - Aug. 9th ----- Remembering "In Flanders Fields" Exhibition ----- Guelph Civic Museum
2014 Oct. 19th – Nov. 8th ----- Expressions – GCAA Exhibition ----- Studio 404, Guelph
2014 May 30th – June 1st ----- Painting on the Green ----- Quebec Street Mall, Guelph
2013 Oct. 11th – Nov. 15th ----- Expressions – GCAA Exhibition ----- Guelph Civic Museum
2013 May 25th – May 26th ----- Painting on the Green ----- Arboretum, University of Guelph
2013 February 4th – March 4th ----- Visions of Time ----- Guelph Civic Museum
2012 Nov. 14th – Nov. 23rd ----- Expressions – GCAA Exhibition ----- Guelph Civic Museum
2012 June ----- Painting on the Green ----- Arboretum, University of Guelph
2011 Throughout the year ----- Friday Market Place ----- Old Quebec Street Mall
2010 December ----- Holiday Market Place ----- Old Quebec Street Mall
2010 October ----- Autumn Market Place ----- Old Quebec Street Mall

Awards and Publications:

2014 Heritage Magazine – The National Trust VOL. XVII, NO. 3 Top Ten Endangered Places
2015 Juror's Award - Painting on the Green 2015 GCAA Honourable Mention for Photography
2014 Juror’s Award – Expressions 2014 GCAA Honorable Mention
2014 Juror’s Award – Painting on the Green – GCAA First Place in Photography
2013 Juror’s Award – Painting on the Green – GCAA First Place in Photography
2013 Wicked Weather – 100+ Best Weather Photos 2013 - Canadian Geographic Magazine
2008 City of Guelph Making a Difference Photo Contest - First prize in the Pride category
2001 PhotoImagination Website Photo of the Week in October
2000 Restoule Provincial Park Information and Activity Guide ISBN 1488-1965 - Cover photo First prize photo contest winner

Short listed three times for possible publication in Canadian Geographic, most recently, in January 2013.

Comox Arts Council
Guelph Arts Council
Guelph Creative Arts Association

Art Involvement:
Vice President - Guelph Creative Arts Association
Exhibition Chair - Guelph Creative Arts Association
Webmaster - Guelph Creative Arts Association

Artist Statement:
My first introduction into photography was taking an old Browning box camera on a school fieldtrip in grade five. Later, in my early 20’s, my parents noticed my attraction to photography and gave me a Pentax 35mm for Christmas. Since then, I have taken thousands of pictures but was too involved with other aspects of life to take it beyond a casual interest. In recent years, photography has moved more into the forefront of my life. With thanks to prodding from friends and family, I have begun to showcase my work.

The photography I practice today bears little resemblance to what I used to do. Using High Dynamic Range photography, I seek to create images that reflect my experiences of the world around me. With a goal of embodying the natural colours and textures and bringing them out, I hope to give a viewer a sense of being within a scene presented; a scene, and a moment in time, that I had witnessed firsthand and wish to share.


Randy Hobson

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