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Printing Service:

At Terra-Vista, we offer a variety of printing services. Our Professional Series 17” wide format Epson 4880 ColourBurst eight colour printer is capable of handling a multitude of job including banner printing up to 100’ long, depending on media required. Image printing is available on a wide variety of materials including matte, luster (semi-gloss), high gloss, textured and matte fine art paper, matte and luster vinyl canvas, and vinyl materials for trade show banner signs as well as adhesive vinyl sign material. With the black and white conversion, the Epson turns out spectacular black and white images. Our two Canon small format printers are waiting to go to work on large print jobs to turn out expedient and high quality prints for hand outs, flyers, or other multipage applications, both single and double sided.

Do you have a portrait of a family member or pet that you would like on canvas? We can do that too.

Standard Print Prices:

Poster Printing:


Luster or Glossy:

                       1-10           11 or More

5 x 7            $1.50               $1.00

8.5 x 11       $4.50               $3.75

11 x 14        $11.00             $9.00

 Fine Art Matte:

8 x 12           $12.00

11 x 14         $20.00

12 x 18         $25.00 

16 x 20         $30.00

16 x 24         $35.00

 Premium Luster:

8 x 12           $15.00

11 x 14         $23.00

12 x 18         $30.00

16 x 20         $35.00

16 x 24         $40.00

Fine Art Glossy Paper available on large orders

Speciality Printing: 

 Canvas Printing:

                  White Edge               Image Wrap

6 x 9             $25.00                         $35.00

9 x 14           $50.00                         $60.00

14 x 20         $85.00                         $95.00

 Banner Printing:

Available up to 17 inches wide and up to 99 feet is available depending on media required = $0.09 per square inch


Scanning for printing from negatives, slides, or photos: $10.00

Custom Matte Cutting:

We offer custom cutting of mattes of various sizes, colours and materials. See pricing examples below:

Matte Cutting with one opening:

                       1-5                 6-15                16-25              26-49              50-99

5 x 7             $3.21               $2.73               $2.25               $1.74               $1.29

 8 x 10           $4.15               $3.53               $2.91               $2.24               $1.66

11 x 14         $5.69               $4.84               $3.99               $3.07               $2.28

16 x 20         $9.15               $7.78               $6.41               $4.94               $3.66

  20 x 24        $12.49              10.61               $8.74               $6.74               $4.99  

Collage cutting: Above prices plus $0.50 per opening.

Ask us about our office or home decorating possibilities with custom tinted images and matching matte board.

Commisioned Photography:

Among our photographic services is imaging for a variety of applications, which may include but not be restricted to: Commercial properties imaging, land development imaging, real estate imaging for professional or private sales, and imaging for insurance records.


$500 per day (8hrs) Expenses

$250.00 Minimum Charge

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography:

One of our specialties at Terra-Vista is HDR photography. A look in our HDR galleries will give you some ideas as to how HDR can be applied to many things but where it really excels is in renderings for architecture, both interior and exterior, boats, cars, motor cycles, and sure, airplanes. But, what is HDR?

High Dynamic Range photography is an application process that combines a series of images taken at different exposure settings to provide missing details to a final image. It is a process that happens naturally with the human eye gathering visual data and then being processed by the brain into what we see.

The camera sensor sees from 6 – 8 ‘F’ stops in colour and light. That is the camera’s normal dynamic range. Because of this, if you were to take a shot of a barn with the sun setting behind it, the brightness of the sun would overpower the details of the barn and the end result would be a silhouette of the structure. By comparison, the human eye is able to distinguish 24 – 28 ‘F’ stops of colour and light and so we would be able to see details in the wood planking that the camera would miss with a single shot. Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, often a shot taken on a hazy day will leave the sky on an image blanched out and without the details we saw when taking the shot. To address this, multiple exposures are taken at different exposures and then combined with software to fill in the missing details and render a final image.

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